Build a Resume

Create a resume that stands out, then get it approved by a hiring expert. (Yep, it's all free.)


Step One: Choose and download one of the four resume and cover letter templates below. 

Step Two: Make it your own! Add in your personal information, education, work experience and relevant skills. 

Step Three: Find a job you'd love to apply for and copy the URL.

Step Four: Send the job description and the first draft of your resume to 78 Cents Project.

Step Five: You're off the hook! The hiring experts at 78 Cents Project will review and tweak your first draft for basic typos, best hiring practices and help match your skills and experience to the job you're applying for.

Resume Templates:

The Shirley

Named for an iconic female congresswoman who fought for the Equal Rights Amendment, the Shirley:

> Has a vintage, feminine twist
> Works best with a shorter cover letter
> Is photo-friendly
> Is a one-pager, perfect for entry-level or intern applicants

The Hillary

Named for a trailblazing First Lady and the first-ever female presidential candidate of a major party, the Hillary:

> Has a bright, classic vibe
> Does not include a photo
> Includes an “Authored works” section that could be great for those with graduate degrees
> Has a "References" section on the second page

The Anita

Named for a brilliant attorney and public policy expert who exposed sexual harassment in a high-pressure workplace, the Anita:

> Has a strong, professional feel
> Does not include a photo
> Works best with a medium-length cover letter
> Is a one-pager, but could easily be expanded into two

The Lilly

Named for a Goodyear Tire plant manager who took her claims of pay discrimination all the way to the Supreme Court, the Lilly:

> Is a no-nonsense template
> Does not include a photo
> Works best with a short cover letter
> Fits on one page and includes a References section