The 78 Cents Project is a pro-bono resume consultancy
aimed at eradicating the gender wage gap.


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By offering free resume assistance, we empower and activate women to land the job they're dreaming of and the wage they deserve. 



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Unemployed, underemployed or just ready for something new? Download a free, custom resume, then get it reviewed by a hiring expert for typos and best practices. 

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Be a part of the Power Panel! We rely on a team of enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers who review and approve resumes of women in their field. You choose your level of commitment.


A Quick Peek Into The Gender Wage Gap:


On average, American women earn 78¢ cents on the dollar to men.


Black women earn 64¢ cents on the dollar to white men.


Latina women earn 56¢ cents on the dollar to white men.
Not only have I been able to leave my dead end job and get a new one that increased my pay by almost 20%, my new resume also gave me confidence that I didn't think I would ever have. I'm beyond excited to see what the future holds with my new weapon.